Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ethical Analysis of Healthcare Reform

Rosemary Flanigan
February 25, 2009

Wheee! This has been a busy week—I’ve been talking to groups about the Center and each time I become inordinately proud (even though it’s Ash Wednesday) of the Center’s accomplishments over these past 25 years.

Somebody gave me the title, “Ethics Working for You”, and I have used it shamelessly. Because ethics can really “work” in the healthcare setting.

HOWEVER, in the President’s talk last night I didn’t hear “immigration” though I did hear over and over “healthcare reform” so I am predicting our ethics committees and centers will be “on the point” for discussions of different plans.

Meanwhile, our care for the poor will go on, unabated and unreimbursed! I always knew I was living in the Golden Age of Medicare and I predicted such goldenness would dim before I die—as it needs to do.

The need for ethical analysis all along the spectrum calls us to a renewal of our education out-thrust. I hope we’re up to the task. Any ideas for such an effort?????

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