Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moral Judgements & Ethical Analysis

Rosemary Flanigan
June 4, 2009

Our ethics committee self-education segment today will be on justice—how it ties in with respect for persons, the different forms of justice (to help the members articulate their concerns) and then for a discussion piece, I have distributed an article by Dan Sulmasy (who will be our lecturer on August 6) recounting the story of the demise of seven out of eight Catholic hospitals in New York City in one year!

We don’t come close to having all the facts, but I am going to ask the committee to create possible moral judgments that might arise in one’s mind as we read the article.
First, because we use those moral judgments as the substance for ethical analysis, and second, because those moral judgments we spontaneously make reveal a lot about our meanings of justice. We shall be in the realm of perception, not reality—but we can still argue the justice/injustice of perceptions.

Can’t we???? HELP!!!

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