Friday, October 23, 2009

No Country for Sick Men

Myra Christopher
Center for Practical Bioethics
October 23, 2009

A Fellow and former staff member at the Center for Practical Bioethics, Dr. Erika Blacksher, had the chance to hear T.R. Reid speak in Lawrence, Kansas last night. In an email to me this morning, she said, "His message is a moral one: we have to cover everyone (to save money, improve health, and to be fair)."

Sounds like a win/win/win to me.

Reid recently wrote a compelling article in Newsweek titled, “No Country for Sick Men,” that I think is one of the best things I have read on healthcare reform from an ethical perspective. If you haven't read it, I urge you to do so.

Link: “No Country for Sick Men,” Newsweek, September 12 2009



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