Monday, January 4, 2010

Top Ten Episodes: The Bioethics Channel 2009

The Center for Practical Bioethics launched The Bioethics Channel in February 2009. The response has been terrific. Here are the Top Ten episodes ranked by the number of downloads in 2009.


Episode Title & Guest

1. The End of Life Scare, Myra Christopher

2. A Quarter Century of Practical Bioethics, Myra Christopher

3. Healthcare Reform: Deja vu all over again?, John Lantos

4. A Physician's Reflections on Bioethics, Robert Potter

5. Hospital Ethics Committees: Then and Now, Rosemary Flanigan

6. The Ethics of Untreated Pain, Richard Payne

7. Ethics of Babies Born at the Borderline of Viability, John Lantos

8. Why do people still suffer at the end of life?, Myra Christopher

9. Balancing Pain Prosections, Bill Colby

10. The Ethics of OctoMom, John Lantos



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