Friday, April 9, 2010

Top 10 Podcasts: First Quarter 2010

The Center’s weekly podcast, The Bioethics Channel, is reaching a larger audience by the week and month. Since starting in February 2009, the podcast has been downloaded almost 18,000 times.

Here are the top ten podcasts by downloads for the first quarter of 2010 … and thanks for listening!


1. Ashley X Revisited, Norman Fost, MD and John Lantos, MD

2. Terri Schiavo Lives On, John Carney

3. Is it ethical to want to live forever?, Glenn McGee, PhD

4. Making or Having a Baby: The Ethics of Genetic Testing, Glenn McGee, PhD

5. Futile CPR. Always Wrong?, Rosemary Flanigan

6. Rethinking Vegetative States, Glenn McGee, PhD

7. Gay Men & Donating Blood, Art Caplan, PhD

8. Drugs, Ethics and the Quality of Life, Bruce White, MD

9. Mobility and Transportation for our Aging Population, Scott Helm, PhD

10. Genetics, Jewish Diseases and Personalized Medicine, John Lantos, MD



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