Monday, May 17, 2010

Pain Contracts: Policy Implications

Final of Three Part Series

On April 27 the Center for Practical Bioethics convened a broad spectrum of pain management professionals to consider the utility and the ethics of pain contracts or agreements. The meeting focused on professional, patient and policy issues around physician use of contracts to prescribe opioids and other pain medications.

The Center will produce a policy brief from comments delivered during this gathering and the November issue of the American Journal of Bioethics will be devoted to the concept of pain contracts.

In this third and final segment of a three part series, The Bioethics Channel examines the policy implications of pain contracts.

Pain Contracts: Too Many Variables, Aaron Gilson, Director – Pain and Policy Studies Group, University of Wisconsin, 10 minutes 18 seconds

Pain Contracts: Trust but Verify?, Ben Rich, University of California-Davis, 7 minutes 33 seconds



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