Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Case for Death with Dignity

Twenty years ago, Nancy Cruzan died after years of litigation and public strife over the right to withdraw life sustaining treatment.

In their November 7 edition, the Kansas City Star marked that anniversary with commentaries from two individuals who were intimately involved with the Cruzan case – William Colby, the attorney for the Cruzan family who argued the case to the US Supreme Court, and Myra Christopher of the Center for Practical Bioethics, whose efforts with many others produced the Patient Self Determination Act.

The issues and choices presented by the Nancy Cruzan story remain relevant to this day. In both commentaries, Colby and Christopher call for families to discuss their medical preferences prior to serious illness or the end of life.

A link below will take you to Caring Conversations, a booklet that will help lead you through that conversation and provide peace of mind for your family and loved ones.


It began with a bad car accident, William Colby, Kansas City Star, November 7
It ended with patients’ rights, Myra Christopher, Kansas City Star, November 7
Caring Conversations



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