Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bioethics Channel Top 10

February 2011

Another active month in February for The Bioethics Channel – more than 4,600 downloads and have topped 58,000 downloads all time.

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Top 10 – The Bioethics Channel February 2011

Terri Schiavo Lives On, John Carney

The Ethics of OctoMom, John Lantos, MD

Sabbaths of Hope, Sue Lewis and Terry Rosell

Duties and Obligations to Treat Pain, Richard Payne, MD

Biomedical and Environmental Bioethics, Richard Randolph, PhD

Doctor, would you prescribe a pill please?, Matthew Wynia, MD

End of Life Scare 2011, John Carney

Medical Ethics and the Law, Annette Prince, JD

Matching Physicians with Patients in Need, Tyler Brundige, MD and Jill Watson



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