Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bioethics Channel: Top 10 August 2011

A wide range of topics covered in the August Top 10 for The Bioethics Channel - from the ethics of healthcare information exchanges and rationing medical care to nursing and medical ethics and the dead donor rule.

If you have any ideas on topics or speakers please contact me at:

Legal and Ethical? Healthcare Information Exchanges, Jeff Ellis, JD and Glenn McGee, PhD

End of Life Status and POLST, Charles Sabatino, JD

Bridging the Divide: Nursing and Medical Ethics, Nelda Godfrey, RN and Noreen Thompson, RN

A Progress Report on Palliative Care, Carol Buller, RN, Christian Sinclair, MD, and Karin Porter Williamson, MD

The Standardized Patient, Walter Winch

Spirituality, Race and End of Life Care, Richard Payne, MD and Tarris Rosell, PhD

Rationing Just Medical Care, Lawrence Schneiderman, MD

The Elderly and Public Transportation, Tom Gerend

Resuscitating the Dead Donor Rule, David Magnus

Bioethics: Ripe for Transformation, Richard Payne, MD



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