Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top 10 - The Bioethics Channel October 2011

Here are links to Top 10 editions of The Bioethics Channel for October 2011.

If you have any ideas for topics and guests please let me know at
Thanks for listening!
Lorell LaBoube
Director of Communications
Center for Practical Bioethics

Top 10 - The Bioethics Channel October 2011
Ethically Dubious: Prisoners and Organ Donations, Art Caplan, PhD
Nurses Treating Pain, Pamela Bennett and Ann Schreier
The State of Altered Consciousness, Joseph Fins, MD
Advance Directives and Medicare Spending, Myra Christopher
Pain and Public Health, Daniel Goldberg, PhD
Avoiding Unwanted Hospitalizations, Sandy Silva
Integrative Pain Treatment, Heather Tick, MD
The Ethics of Donating Eggs, Glenn McGee, PhD
Ashley X Revisited, Norman Fost, MD and John Lantos, MD
Religion and Medicine: Compatible?, Farr Curlin, MD and John Lantos, MD



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