Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Religion and Medicine: A Good Mix?

This news release reminded me of a couple of excellent podcasts with Sister Rosemary Flanigan and Drs. John Lantos and Farr Curlin. Dr. Sulmasy spoke at the 2009 Flanigan Lecture in Kansas City.

New program will study the role of religion in practicing medicine

News Release: University of Chicago Medical Center
April 2, 2012

"We want to look at the spirituality of being a practitioner, rather than focusing completely on the spirituality of being a patient," said Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD. "This new program will jump start scholarship and teaching at the intersection of medicine and religion."


* Podcast: Religion and Medicine: Compatible? John Lantos, MD and Farr Curlin, MD, The Bioethics Channel



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