Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have you had "The Talk"?

March 12

We had our Ethics Committee Consortium on March 5 and among the discussion it was announced that National Healthcare Decisions Day is going to be celebrated April 16 here in KC.

Funding is scarce and so all the groups in the Consortium were urged to do what was successfully done last year. It is important to keep the momentum going.

I hope we shall continue to push people to talk with loved ones about end-of-life. I went to a funeral this week-end; again, it was a fall, a brain aneurysm, and decision time to withdraw life-sustaining treatment. Wishes had been expressed; desires made known—sad but simple.

So let us do whatever we can do for National Healthcare Decisions Day, each in our own part of the woods.

Link: Have “The Talk” -- Kansas City Healthcare Decisions Day

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