Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is this doctor treating lesbianism in the womb?

Lindsay Beyerstein
September 28, 2010

Dr. New is the latest pediatrician to be dragged into a controversy over how to treat girls with CAH, the leading cause of ambiguous genitalia in girls. In June, a Cornell surgeon who performs reconstructive surgery on young girls with this condition was declared barbaric.

Both are targets of ethicist activists who have decided that the correct treatment for ambiguous genitalia is no treatment, and that society should just come to accept these anatomical variations as part of the normal gender continuum.


Slate article

A Case Study in Unethical Transgressive Bioethics: Letter of Concern from Bioethicists About the Prenatal Administration of Dexamethasone, abstract, American Journal of Bioethics, September 2010

A Case Study in Unethical Transgressive Bioethics, Laurence McCullough, PhD, The Bioethics Channel, 8 minutes 20 seconds



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