Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Legacy of Nancy Cruzan: 20 Years Later, Are We Any Better at Healthcare?

A National Conference on the Past, Present and Future of the PSDA, Nutrition - Hydration, and Palliative Care

November 12 and 13

Kansas City, MO


Twenty years ago, many policy leaders thought that the Nancy Cruzan decision and the Patient Self-Determination Act had established a policy framework to address one of society’s most vexing ethical issues – decision making for those without cognitive capacity including those who were permanently unconscious.

Since then, many have come to believe that this policy structure was insufficient, fractured, or simply wrong headed. It has certainly been insufficient.

On November 12th and 13th, leading bioethicists, clinical researchers, moral theologians and other thought leaders will convene in Kansas City “at the epicenter” where both Cruzan and PSDA have deep roots to reflect on these historic events and to revisit the concerns they attempted to address.

A new model will be presented and considered as a solution to these problems in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic society confronting limited financial resources.

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