Thursday, June 2, 2011

May's Top 10 Bioethics Channel

Top 10 podcasts by number of downloads for the month of May 2011.


The Ethics of First Person Consent, Terry Rosell and Rob Linderer

Honor and Respect in Healthcare, Rabbi Richard Address

Assessing Social Issues of Research, Summer McGee

The End of Life Scare, Myra Christopher

Matching Physicians with Patients in Need, Jill Watson, Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City and Dr. Tyler Brundige

Terri Schiavo Lives On, John Carney

Religion and Medicine: Compatible?, Drs. Farr Curlin and John Lantos

Healthcare Reform: Deja Vu All Over Again?, John Lantos, MD

Ashley X Revisited, Drs. Norman Fost and John Lantos

Celebrating with Frontliners, Karren King Crouch, Helen Emmott, Jane Rues and Dianne Shumaker



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