Monday, January 18, 2010

Honoring Martin Luther King

For many years, the Center for Practical Bioethics has observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with both internal and public programs honoring the principles for which he stood.

Our program this year featured Rosemary Flanigan leading a special discussion of “The Pastor’s Wife” which is from the Center’s Bioethics Forum issue Trusting Our Differences.

Below you will find links to audio and video from last year’s program, along with a podcast featuring Helen Emmott.


A Sister of Selma Celebrates Martin Luther King’s Birthday, You Tube, 3 minutes 1 second

A Priest Reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King, You Tube, 3 minutes 12 seconds

Sisters of Selma – Bearing Witness to Change,, 1 hour 17 minutes

Trusting Our Differences, The Bioethics Channel, Helen Emmott, 14 minutes 25 seconds

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Blogger Practical Bioethics said...

With all due respect Sr. / Dr. Rosemary, I do object.

The Church clearly teaches that while extraordinary means not be taken to prolong life, taking intentional action to end life either through active or passive euthanasia goes against Church teaching.

I suppose nobody can stop those who wish to try to "sell" seniors or the chronically ill into doing nothing to lengthen their lives, mandating that puts society on a slippery path leading to more or less mandatory "passive euthanasia."

Is this a back door to trying to "fix social security" by not using the government's money on medicare so seniors and other seriously or "expensively chronically ill" people will not collect the government's money in social security payments during a prolonged life?

That would be unconscionable (and I am sure that is not what you have in mind - but others may be tempted to take it in that direction.)


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