Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paradoxes in advance care planning

More on studies indicating physician reluctance to talk about end of life. This from our friends at Pallimed.


We've expressed some AD skepticism on the blog before (e.g. where's the data they do anything), and I sometimes wonder when reading research like this that patients view ADs as some sort of abstraction and don't really understand why us clinicans care about them so much.

Which is not to say that most physicians do care about them much.

Part of what I'm saying is that for us as doctors to tell patients they should consider an AD we also need to be talking with them about their expected future, and that the AD is less important to patient care than that actual discussion about what's going to happen, or what will happen if consolidation chemotherapy for your acute leukemia fails.

Link: Paradoxes in advance care planning

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